Price List for Auto Services Auto Service in Tallinn

The prices of our car service services are always pleasantly surprising! We offer a wide range of services at affordable prices: from oil changes and brake pads to engine and suspension repairs. With us, you can get a high-quality service at a competitive price. Contact us for more information and to schedule a service appointment for your vehicle.

PlumbingPrice with VATPrice without VAT
Cars and vans48.8€/hour40€/hour
Vans and SUVs54.9€/hour45€/hour
Welding work54.9€/hour45€/hour
Programming/Coding from73.2€60€
Setting up 3D bridges
Cars and vans:
Front axle check and 3D adjustment45.75€37,50€
Front and rear axle 3D check and adjustment54.9€45€
Vans and SUVs:
Front axle check and 3D adjustment54.9€45€
Front and rear axle 3D check and adjustment73.2€60€
Climate system
Checking and filling system pressure73.2€60€

Tire change

Service / Disk size14"15"16"17"18"
Complete replacement of 4 tires on tin wheels.36€36€36€43,2€
Complete replacement of 4 tires with alloy wheels.36€36€36€43,2€43,2€
4 tires SUV Minibus48€48€60€
1 wheel balancing6€6€6€6€6€
Tire hotel (season)30€30€30€30€30€
Tire and rim hotel (season)35€35€35€35€35€
Replacing the valve18€
Tire repairfrom6€
Tire recycling16€
RunFlat is added to every tire.6€

Restoration of rims

Stamped discs 12-17” 175€/ set
13″170€/ set
14″175€/ set
15″180€/ set
16″185€/ set
17″190€/ set
18″200€/ set
19″210€/ set
20″220€/ set
21″240€/ set
22″270€/ set
Cargo rims:75€/pcs

Tire change prices are in euros and do not include VAT 22%

Minimum working time from 0.5 hours.

The above prices are indicative only and may vary depending on the specific vehicle, its condition and the complexity of the work.