Professional Manual Transmission Repair Services Tallinn

A manual gearbox is one of the main components of a vehicle. Every device at some time requires repair, and the most problematic zone of the vehicle is the gearbox, which consists of such nodes as the slow shaft, drive shaft, differential, fifth and sixth speed. The new gearboxes already have the seventh speed. Partial or complete failure of the gearbox renders the vehicle unsuitable for further use. All gearbox parts, such as synchronizers, couplings, gears, forks, satellites, satellite finger, body, drive seal, drive shaft seal, gear shift mechanism, need a defect search. In order to detect all faults, it is important to know the specific features of the gearbox. For this, it is necessary to have a diagnostics and running-in stand before and after the repair. The service life of the parts depends on several reasons. For example, the operating mode of the gearbox. If there is a noise in the gearbox in neutral, knocking when selecting any gear or there is a problem with gear shifting, they should not be ignored. Diagnostics should be carried out immediately to determine the cause. We are always ready to help you in this.

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