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Simply opening a car door activates more than 100 elements in a complex mechanism, but there are more than 20,000 parts in a car. All of them are assembled parts of electronic-mechanical systems and ensure the mutual connection of the nodes and the smooth operation of the car. No matter how reliable and expensive the transport was, over time the spare parts become old and need to be replaced. Obvious faults can be noticed visually or by hearing, but hidden defects are revealed through car diagnostics.

In what situations are diagnostics essential?

Noticing a minor break, 80% of drivers prefer to forget about it. However, the failure of a spare part often leads to a chain reaction where an entire node falls out of line. Timely inspection avoids costly repairs. Complex car computer-technical diagnostics is essential:

• after every 10-15 thousand kilometers. Depending on the condition of the road surface and driving style, technical maintenance may be required more often;

• when buying a car from a private person. In order to get more money, the seller usually keeps silent about “insignificant” errors;

• after an emergency situation from which you escaped without injury. A small impact or sudden braking does not leave physical traces, but malfunctions can occur in the system and at some, one unpleasant moment, the car refuses to “submit” to the driver.

How is a car diagnosed?

Visual inspection and software inspection – these are mandatory components of technical inspection. Dents, the quantity and quality of working fluids, the presence of leaks are visually determined. An experienced employee of the service center gives a “diagnosis” of the engine’s performance based on the sound. The degree of wear of wearable parts is clarified.

The interaction of the car’s life support systems, electronics and software control is carried out using a special device connected to the car through the connector of the electronic control unit. There is an “exchange of signals”, which are deciphered by specialists. If a defect is found in operation, the device gives a signal indicating the need for repair or replacement.

Ariol Auto guarantees

High-quality and reliable car diagnostics on modern equipment – the guarantee of the efficient operation of your car. Ariol Auto performs complex diagnostics with a guarantee:

• for electronic nodes;

• for the engine and fuel systems;

• for brake systems;

• for front and rear wheel drives;

• for automatic transmissions.

Even seals, bearings and the tightness of fixing fasteners are diagnosed. After a complex inspection at Ariol Auto, the driver is 100% protected from an emergency situation due to a system failure of the vehicle. Call today to book a convenient time for your car diagnostics.

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