Car Air Conditioner Repair and Maintenance Services Tallinn

The comfort of being in the cabin depends on the performance of the car’s climate system. The cooling agent that circulates in the “guts” of the car’s air conditioning system provides cool air. Technologically, the device is quite simple. Modern car manufacturers use materials that are resistant to most negative factors to make air conditioners. But with the passage of time or in violation of the rules for using the air conditioner, they break, and repair is necessary.

Rules for using car air conditioners

In order not to be without an air conditioner one day, it is necessary to fulfill some operating conditions:

• in winter, when there is no need to cool the cabin, it is necessary to switch the air conditioner to “cold” every week as a preventive measure. 15 minutes of work is enough so that the grease does not dry out, and the assembled parts do not dry out;

• in a car wash, it is necessary to regularly blow through and rinse the condenser (very carefully, a fragile detail);

• do not forget to renew the coolant for the proper operation of the air conditioning system. Filling the air conditioner is recommended to be done at a car service to guarantee proper filling.

What can damage a car's air conditioner?

Regardless of the car brand, the construction of the unit is practically identical, only a few elements are slightly different. The principle of operation is the same and so are the failures. Depending on the way of exploitation and car care, the following are out of line:

• compressor;

• condenser;

• evaporator;

• receiver-dryer;

• thermoregulating valve;

• fan;

• pressure sensor.

Proper maintenance and failure prevention will not only extend the period of trouble-free operation of the air conditioning system, but also save money that would be needed to repair a more serious failure.

Maintenance and repair of car air conditioners at Аriol Аuto

Unlike the home “colleague”, car air conditioners have to work in conditions of greater pollution, temperature fluctuations and humidity. The combined effect of unfavorable factors leads to clogging of filters, wear of parts, corrosion. Identifying the fault requires professional knowledge and precision of movements. The system is fragile and the lack of disassembly skills often leads to an increase in the number of failures.

Ariol Auto car service specialists have many years of experience in the field of repair and maintenance of car air conditioners. Only high-quality parts are used for repairs, which ensures long-term and stable operation of the air conditioning system. Call our car service so that the temperature in the car cabin is always pleasant.

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