Expert Muffler Repair and Welding Services

A malfunction in the operation of a car muffler is not dangerous in itself, but is related to the entire life of the vehicle. Unbalanced exhaust gas pulsation in late diagnostics and prevention of an important node leads to deviations in engine operation. Result: needs expensive repairs and possibly repairs to the engine and heating system.

Why does a car muffler break down?

In today’s machines, this mechanism is made of high-strength alloys. However, violation of the rules of operation and aggressive chemical substances used in pavements lead to premature wear.

Some factors affecting early failure

• mechanical injuries as a result of impact or unprofessional repair;

• corrosive effect of aggressive exhaust gases;

• temperature drop (warm inside and cold outside);

• vibration due to improper distribution of exhaust gas flow;

• chemical reagents that enter the mechanism. It is especially important to check the condition in winter, when anti-slip materials have been sprinkled on the roads.

The main signs of failure

Extreme driving on uneven road surfaces, ignoring road edges, potholes and sewer hatches leads to the loosening of fasteners, which significantly increases the risk of being hit and further damage. The need for muffler repair is determined based on the following symptoms:

• the car has started to work “louder”;

• black color of exhaust gas;

• increased vibration while driving;

• uncharacteristic sounds appeared (knock, squeak).

Muffler repair and welding work at Ariol Auto

Muffler repair or replacement requires special equipment and professional skills. The detail is quite expensive, so it is better to entrust the repair work to car service specialists to ensure accurate installation and trouble-free operation. “Returning to life” of the car muffler is carried out with the help of welding works:

• the muffler is dismantled and checked;

• the damaged element is cut off, the edges are sanded;

• a new part is welded using welding equipment;

• the repaired mechanism is placed in its place.

At the Ariol Auto car service, your car will be handled by a master with many years of experience. For the replacement of spare parts, high-quality parts from reliable suppliers are used. We guarantee reliable muffler repair of any level of difficulty quickly and at an affordable price. Call now to reserve your service time and not wait.

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