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The brake system goes out of line due to wear of spare parts over a long period of use or due to improper maintenance. In order to ensure traffic safety, it is recommended to carry out regular diagnostics and prophylaxis of the brake assembly. Determining that the brake system is out of order is relatively easy by external signs. A driver who takes care of his vehicle turns to the car service in time, at the first “symptoms” of failure.

What signs indicate the need for car brake system repair?

For the normal operation of the brakes, in most cases it is necessary to use high-quality brake fluid, follow the rules of safe driving and take preventive measures. Contact the car service immediately if:

• extraneous sounds, screeching or screeching of brakes occur;

• it is difficult or too easy to press the brake pedal;

• the braking distance has increased; • the system is blocked by itself;

• brake fluid is leaking.

Causes of fast failures

Untimely technical maintenance will unbalance the fasteners. As a result of friction against each other, fragments and grooves appear in the parts, which are unacceptable for effective work. Premature wear also occurs as a result of fluctuations in the temperature regime. When moving at high speed, the disks heat up, and getting into a puddle is the reason for the sudden cooling. The result: deformation and deviation in the interrelationship with other parts of the brake system.

Driving through melted snow or mud is another reason for rapid breakdown. Debris that gets into the system or brake fluid provokes clogging of hoses and corrosion of metal parts.

Ariol Auto - solving the problem at a reasonable price

Car service “Ariol-auto” carries out brake system maintenance and repair at the European level. Repair work is carried out by masters with extensive experience. Determining the cause of the failure and eliminating it is a common thing for our specialists. Modern equipment is installed for the accuracy of diagnosis. We are confident in the quality of the repair, because when replacing parts, we use high-quality spare parts that match the brand of the car.

Owners of vehicles with Ariol Auto services do not need to spend time. Call today and make a reservation for the inspection or repair of the car’s vital components. The specialist is waiting for you at the appointed time.

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