Timing Belt and Chain Replacement in Tallinn

Our auto service offers professional timing belt and chain replacement to ensure the reliable and safe operation of your vehicle. The timing belt and chain are key components of the engine, responsible for synchronizing the operation of valves and pistons. If these components are not working correctly, serious engine problems can occur, leading to engine failure.

Our team of experienced mechanics uses only high-quality parts and modern equipment for timing belt and chain replacement. We conduct diagnostics before replacement to ensure that the replacement is necessary and to avoid unnecessary costs. After replacement, we also recommend a test drive to ensure the engine is functioning correctly.

Timing belt and chain replacement is recommended according to the manufacturer’s recommendations or when signs of wear appear. This typically occurs every 60,000 – 100,000 kilometers, but can vary depending on the model and operating conditions.

Don’t postpone the replacement of your timing belt and chain, as their failure can lead to serious engine damage and high repair costs. Contact us for professional timing belt and chain replacement and maintenance for your vehicle.

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