Webasto Installation and Repair Services in Tallinn

The warm summer season passes and you have to sit behind the wheel again in warm jackets, hats and gloves. Then you have to shiver in the cold while waiting for the heat from the deglectors. And on top of all that, frosted windows, frozen cabin and engine. We cannot give up warm clothes, but it is quite possible to start a new day without a cold cabin.

And Webasto installation helps us in this. Webasto is a pre-start engine heater installed under the hood of the vehicle, which is connected to the cooling and cabin heating system.

The fuel consumption of the Webasto heater is about 0.5 liters per hour (20-30 min with an average pre-start time).

There are three ways to control the heater: timer, remote control and mobile phone.

Webasto uses battery power to turn on the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

During the repair and diagnostics of autonomous heaters, it turns out that some parts of the device have worn out and developed their resource, which requires the replacement of worn parts. But often diagnostics show that there is no malfunction because the autonomous heater is blocked due to the minimum fuel level or battery charge indication. In this case, the block is removed and the heater continues its work.

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