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Car manufacturers recommend filling car air conditioners once a year. Many drivers (even experienced ones) consider this procedure redundant. Very useless. Not only the comfortable temperature in the cabin, but also the functioning of some of the vehicle’s components depends on the malfunctions of the air conditioning system.

Why is it necessary to fill the air conditioner regularly?

Air conditioner – hermetic construction, cooling of the system and the surrounding space takes place at the expense of refrigerant circulation. Loss of tightness of the unit and evaporation (leakage) of the cooler occurs due to:

• frequent vibrations while driving;

• heating of the system when the engine works in “extreme” mode;

• regular fluctuations in the temperature regime.

But even with high mileage, loosening of fasteners occurs and the refrigerant can leak due to the tightness of the adjacent seals. New cars need to have their air conditioning system filled once every 2 years, but “elderly” ones that are more than 5 years old must come to the car service every year for prevention and additional filling of the air conditioning system.

Basic malfunctions of the car air conditioning system that lead to refrigerant leakage

Before filling the air conditioner, it is necessary to check the integrity and connection of spare parts. It is for this reason that it is not recommended to fill the system yourself. You can not only waste money on refrigerant, but also get a more important failure. Most of the time, the car service diagnoses such breakdowns:

• sealing parts are damaged;

• pipes and radiator are damaged by corrosion;

• rubber elements are weakened or damaged;

• the elasticity of the seals has decreased.

Each of these factors leads to premature refrigerant leakage and malfunction of the car’s air conditioning system.

How to refill a car's air conditioner at Ariol Auto

Maintenance and refilling of the car’s air conditioning system is carried out in our car service using modern, professional equipment. Specialists of “Ariol-Auto” have gained rich experience in the field of car repair during many years of work, therefore errors are practically excluded. Removing the refrigerant, checking for possible leaks, lubricating the structure and filling with new refrigerant is done quickly and under strict control.

All filling norms (the amount of oil and freon) correspond to the recommendations of car manufacturers. We use established standards for each car brand. In order not to waste time and nerves waiting, call us early. We will be happy to provide the necessary information and reserve a convenient time for your arrival.

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